Video Wall Suppliers In Dubai

A video wall, which is sometimes referred to as a display wall, is a large visualization surface that consists of multiple displays. In the past, these walls were made up of multiple monitors that were simply placed close together. The idea was to make them appear as one large display. The problem was the large bezel that surrounded each monitor screen and broke up the display surface. This completely ruined the illusion of a single canvas and the visual performance as well. ?

Embracing New Technology

Therefore, video wall suppliers in Dubai like Butterfly LED have embraced new technology that minimizes the dead pixel space that used to exist in between all of the different displays. The video wall displays of today are made up of direct LED tiles, rear-projection tiles, or tiled LCD panels.

At Butterfly LED we are video wall suppliers in Dubai with a wide variety of display sizes available. The size of the screen that you need depends directly on the viewing distance as well as the typical content that you will be displaying. If the display is going to be viewed from close up, then you want to ensure that the pixel density is high enough that the viewer will not be able to notice the individual pixels. In addition, the resolution also depends on the size of the wall where you will be setting up your video wall display.

As video wall suppliers in Dubai, we have everything that you need. Whether you are setting up in a meeting room, control room, or using digital signage, we have got you covered regardless of how demanding the environment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your video wall display.

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