Transparent Screens- Led Mesh Facade at UAE

Led Mesh Screen

The ultimate replacement for a conventional cabinet-based LED display screen.

With the lighter design, it is easy for you to remove and install this screen, not to mention the light load-bearing buildings. While, aluminum materials make it easy to resistant water, dust, and static electricity, giving structure greater strength.

Most standards transparent screens constructs are utilized for outdoor areas. It required large screens which usually do not require high resolutions. The principle that it works on is the same as the principle used for the traditional LED mesh facade which is basically ‘compiled’ together. This means that each of the LED mesh panels is combined to ‘erect’ the screens with specific dimensions. Thus, the lightweight, transparent, easy assembly and cost-effectiveness of the LED screen become key factors in preference. These factors are also critical for ‘rentals’ as assembling and disassembling LED mesh is much easier than most other choices.

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IP65 (Weather Proof)

Weather Proof

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Super Light Weight

Light Weight

High Brightness

High Brightness

Transparent LED Mesh Screen Display

Transparent screens are for building a wall, front and rear maintenance, rapid installation, saving steel structure, greatly reducing project costs.

Value of Led Mesh facade

  1. The facade has become a fixed advertising space. The publicity efforts have been strengthened to improve the popularity of stores.
  2. Vivid advertising shows directly facing consumers. attracting eyeballs and stimulating buying desire.
  3. The screen of the LED point light source is simple and beautiful. The high-end atmosphere promotes the whole grade of the store.
transparent 2

LED Mesh Facade

All these features make transparent screens or led mesh screen the ideal product for special environments. The high brightness of the Led mesh screen used for this special series also grants daylight visibility. Other products, often based on individual pixels and not LED bars. These are ideal for night facades and for architectural installs that get close to LED lighting.

Being creative requires space and as well as the freedom to explore your knowledge and imaginative ideas. LED Mesh screen provides exactly just that. In addition, the fact that the mesh is ‘see-through’, the screen projects a stereoscopic visual effect. It doesn’t catch the attention of the audience but also gives designers an added element to play with.  The various pitch pixel sizes available also make it perfect for just about any scenario of attraction. To say it plainly, LED Mesh is an attention-seeking missile that would never miss its target!

Available Pixel Pitch