Representation Of The Command Center, How Come There Is None LED Display?

All through the 2020 Led signage market, without a doubt, HD (little pixel) has become one of the most well-known items in the LED show industry. Butterflyled HD items, by ideals of top quality, photograph free water swell benefits, show a novel style in various applications like gathering rooms, TV studios, war rooms, etc. Butterflyled HD items can be found all over.


Butterfly LED has won more and more customers’ recognition and praise. To meet the needs of customers in more areas of application, and also to bring a large number of customers more shocking visual experience, Butterflyled led display screen has developed more and more products, such as Q1.5, Q1.3, Q1.2, and Q1. These products quickly go into our view, and what are their charms of?

Let me explain in detail.

1. Can deliver in way of modules, convenient for DIY
Butterflyled Indoor full colors are all designed in 320*160mm standard size and can be delivered in way of modules, can be used for DIY. The magnetic attraction installation can be handled easily, and meet a variety of indoor display application requirements.

2. Amazing matching led signage
items can impeccably coordinate with the led screen bureau, which is really light, super slim, has numerous uses, high accuracy, full front upkeep, supporting quick establishment, and furthermore saving over 70% of establishment space. This large number of focuses impeccably match clients’ necessities.

3. Outfitted with top quality high grayscale PWM driver IC
Revive rate north of 3840 Hz, no flicking, no water wave, clear and smooth pictures;
Grayscale can arrive at 14-16 pieces, show impact not impacted by voltage, and picture change is smooth and stable;
Can dispose of the peculiarity of phantom shadow (counting Text Ghost Shadow), dim first line. The photos shown are steady and the quality is likewise better!

4. Furnished with Butterflyled standard excellent Led screen
Butterflyled high, so the led video wall surface shading distinction is nearly nothing, Led t blending is finished, execution is additionally better, stable, and life expectancy is likewise longer.

5. Super HD show, huge survey point
The high goal, high pixel-thickness, seeing point above 160°, multi-directional survey impact is reliable.


6. High strength module structure
Butterflyled modules utilize a thicker, more grounded building up bar, primary strength is high, so it won’t distort without any problem. They can be collected straight and quick, and help to build the get-together effectiveness and show execution.

Butterflyled has been advancing the led signage show promotion and commercialization for quite a while, and is continually maintaining the soul of creativity, and is unendingly seeking after item quality and item execution. This large number of help to advance Hd LED video wall items overhauling.

Full difficult work to fashion officers, resourcefulness to make fine items

butterflyled items advancing tempest, who dares to discourage!



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