LED Screen Rental And Staging Solutions UAE

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LED Screen Rental And Staging Solutions UAE

RIS and ROS Series

Rental Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen

Popping Up Protection Mechanism – Edge protection at the bottom to prevent hitting with automatically telescopic design. safe and convenient for re-disassembly.

Fast maintenance module and Central unit – Fast maintenance as well as save labor and time.

Wide color range – the color comparison of the rental led screen has the color range standard.

Energy-saving – Intelligent and dynamic low power consumption under low brightness and gray level.

Automatic Calibration Function – Once a module is replaced, the calibration data will be upgraded automatically.

LED Screen Rental Solution for any events ideal for Conferences, Ceremony, Party, or any events.

Quick and Easy to Install, the best option for all indoor or outdoor events.

Solution for any events, ideal for conference, ceremony, party, or any events.

LED Screen Rental has a high refresh and bit rate. In fact, it has a high accuracy curving. It can be used in so many fields and occasions. For example events, sports, trade shows, entertainment, concert and etc.

Rental Led Display screen cabinet is good for large and small Exhibitions. The cabinet is adopting the professional die casting design. Ultralight and ultra-slim. Adopt the latest anti-collision technology. Make a more stable cabinet during rental events. Fanless, Noise-free, Easy Repair, Front & rear maintenance. Seamless stitching with our special connector design. It is easy to reduce gaps while installing and creating a perfect display.

LED Screen Rental Dubai And Staging Solutions UAE
LED Screen Rental And Staging Solutions UAE

LED Display Screen Rental

Most Rental LED display or rental screen is large or even gigantic. It stands to reason that the most convenient method to assemble them is to divide the screen into smaller cabinets. When these cabinets are combined, we get the full surface of the screen. These cabinets vary in size, building materials, and customization depending on the type of LED screen that you want to assemble. The screen surface is smooth and neat. color difference smaller and has good consistency.

People are renting more often Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen Dubai for advertising purpose. LED screens are capable of reproducing high-resolution images and videos with brightness as compared to other devices. That’s why customers are more often to rent LED Screen for advertising purposes, as it is beneficial for the branding and also attracts visitors by the content which is popping on the screen. As the screens are lightweight which makes it easy for assembling and also transportation is easy from one place to another.

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