NovaStar Vp200U LED Screen Controller

NovaStar VP200U Video Controller

Description: NovaStar VP200u is a video processor system specifically developed for large LED screen, using the industry’s top video processing chip and the internal 12-bit digital processing to create much clearer image details and richer colors.

VP200u video processor

1) VP200 has a comprehensive video input interfaces, including 2-way AV, 1 road VGA, 1 channel DVI, 1-way HDMI, 1-way optional SDI;
2) VP200 Nova is a new generation of video processor products, powerful image processing, professional image control, and friendly interface;
3) to provide seamless and instantaneous cut fade transition effects to enhance and render professional-quality demo screen;
4) PIP position, size, etc. can be adjusted, can be arbitrary control;
5) an intuitive LCD display interface, a clear key light tips to simplify the control system;
6) Support high-order video input, 10bit / 8bit;
7) support for custom output resolution, video maximum output resolution 2304×1152 @ 60Hz.

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