Novastar Taurus T3

Taurus series media player products are the second generation of multimedia players dedicated to small and media size LED full color display developed by NovaStar.
T3 of the Taurus series products (herein after referred to as “T3”) feature following advantages, better satisfying users’ requirements:

  • Synchronization display
  • Powerful processing capability
  • Omnidirectional control plan
  • Dual-Wi-Fi mode
  • Redundant backup

In addition to program publishing and screen control via PC, mobile phones and LAN, the omnidirectional control plan also supports remote centralized publishing and monitoring.

T3 video controller uae for led display screen

Taurus T3  Control Plan


Control PlanConnecting ModeClient TerminalRelated Software
Program publishing and screen    control through PCConnection            via network line

Connection via Wi-Fi

PCViPlex Express NovaLCT-Taurus
Program publishing and screen    control through LANConnection via LANPCViPlex Express NovaLCT-Taurus
Program publishing and screen    control through mobile phoneConnection via Wi-FiMobile phone and PadViPlex Handy



Control PlanConnecting ModeClient TerminalRelated Software
Cluster remote program publishing and screen controlWi-Fi AP+Sta/wired/4GMobile phone, Pad and PCVNNOX

ViPlex Handy ViPlex Express

Cluster remote monitoringWi-Fi AP+Sta/wired/4GMobile phone, Pad and PCNovaiCare ViPlex Handy ViPlex Express



Dual-Wi-Fi Mode

The T3 have permanent Wi-Fi AP and support the Wi-Fi Sta mode, carrying advantages as shown below:

Completely cover Wi-Fi connection scene. The T3 can be connected to through self-carried Wi-Fi AP or the external router.

Completely cover client terminals. Mobile phone, Pad and PC can be used to log in T3 through wireless network.

Require no wiring. Display management can be managed at any time, having improvements in efficiency.

T3’s Wi-Fi AP signal strength is related to the transmit distance and environment. Users can change the Wi-Fi antenna as required.

Wi-Fi AP Mode

Users connect the Wi-Fi AP of a T3 to directly access the T3. The SSID is “AP + the last 8 digits of the SN”, for example, “AP10000033”, and the default password is “12345678”.

T3 Taurus Wifi LED Display Controller
1Gigabit Ethernet port6Backup for Ethernet port
2USB2.0 port7Power input
3Audio output8SIM card eject button
4Factory reset button, hold down for 5 seconds to reset to factory defaults9SIM card slot
5Ethernet port104G module slot

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