Novastar Receiving Card A8


Novastar A8 LED Receiving Card. Nova A8 LED display Control Card LED Receiver Card for full color LED screen. Mini Novastar A8 LED display controller card support resolution 256×256 with 32 group RGB data output.

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General Details


1) A single card supports 256*256 pixels.

2) A single card supports parallel output of 32-group RGB signal.

3)  A single card supports output of 64-group serial data.

4) A8 has integrated network transformer to simplify the design for users.

5) A8 supports various hot backups such as loop backup, dual card backup, dual power backup etc. and seamless switching.

6) A8 supports dual backup of display parameters.

7) A8 supports module Flash management and allows for the storage of calibration coefficients and module information.

8) A8 supports applying module Flash calibration coefficients through one-click.

9)  A8 supports Clear view

10)  In conjunction with advanced control system and supports  random angle rotation

11)  A8 supports 18bit+grayscale output

12) A8 supports smart module with the functions of storing and managing information like calibration coefficients, module information, module parameters etc. as well as flat cable detection and LED pixel-by-pixel error detection without the need for monitoring card.

13) A8 supports LCD Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

14) Supports Mapping. Enable the function and the serial number of current cabinet and its connected Ethernet port number will be displayed.

15) A8 supports monitoring of temperature, supply voltage, and network communication status.

16) A8 supports pixel-by-pixel brightness/chroma calibration

17) A8 supports backup of double calibration coefficients.

18) A8 supports module ID.

19) A8 supports prestoring picture settings.

20) A8 supports configuration file readback.

21) A8 supports firmware program backup and readback.

22) With specific EMC design to effectively reduce electromagnetic  radiation.

Resolution :256×256

RGB data output :32

MOM Interface :Support

Piexl level color and brightness calibration :Support

Receving Card Backup Support :Support

RCFG Backup and Read :Support

Auto Calibration :Support

Cabinet Mapping :Support

18bit+ :Support

ClearView :Support

Free Rotation :Support

Low latency :Support


Product Specification

  • Resolution :256×256
  • RGB data output :32
  • MOM Interface :Support
  • Pixel level color and brightness calibration :Support
  • Receiving Card Backup Support :Support
  • RCFG Backup and Read :Support
  • Auto Calibration :Support
  • Cabinet Mapping :Support
  • 18bit+ :Support
  • Clear View :Support
  • Free Rotation :Support
  • Low latency :Support

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