Novastar Receiving Card A7s

Novastar A7s LED Receiving Card. Nova A7s LED display Control Card LED Receiver Card for full color LED screen. Mini Novastar A7s LED display controller card support resolution 512×256 with 32 group RGB data output.

General Details

Product Description

  • Supporting pixel level
  • brightness and chroma calibration
  • Working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, A7s supports brightness and chroma calibration on each pixel.
  • Supporting image rotation in 90°increments (Calibration not supported after rotation)
  • On Nova LCT, the image on the screen can be set to rotate in the multiples of 90°(90°, 180°, 270° and 360°).
  • Supporting quick seam correction
  • Working with Nova LCT, A7s supports quick adjustment of bright and dark lines, which can remove the seams between modules and between cabinets.
  • Supporting 3D function
  • On NovaLCT or operation panel of controllers which support 3D function, you can enable 3D function and set the 3D parameters to make the
    LED screen display 3D effects.

Useful software design:

Support for smart module

Support for auto module calibration

Support for Mapping function

Support for pre-stored image setting of the receiving card

Support for lamp panel Flash management

Support for monitoring of temperature, power supply voltage, and Ethernet cable communication status

Support for 5pin LCD modul




Product Specification

  • Resolution :512×256
  • RGB data output :32
  • MOM Interface :Support
  • Pixel level color and brightness calibration :Support
  • Receiving Card Backup Support :Support
  • RCFG Backup and Read :Support
  • Auto Calibration :Support
  • Cabinet Mapping :Support
  • 18bit+ :—
  • Clear View :—
  • Free Rotation :—
  • Low latency :—

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