Novastar MCTRL600 LED Video Controller


Novastar MCTRL600 is an advanced model video controller, which supports extra-largeresolution. With HDMI/DVI video input and four Ethernet port outputs, a singleunit is able to load 2560×960. Multiple units can becascaded for uniform control.

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General Details


Novastar MCTRL600 is LED Video Controller. It has the following characteristics:

1) HDMI/DVI input;
2) HDMI/external audio input;
3) 12bit/10bit/8bit HD video source;
4) Resolution supported: 2048×1152,1920×1200,2560×960;
5) Resolution supported: 1440×900 (12bit/10bit);
6) 1 light sensor interface;
7) Cascading supported;
8) 18bit gray scale processing and presentation;
9) Video format: RGB, YCrCb4:2:2, YCrCb4:4:4;
10) Standard 1U housing and independent power supply.


Product Specification

  • Overall power consumption 16W
  • Temperature of working environment -20℃~60℃
  • Humidity of working environment 0%~95%
  • Net weight 2.7 Kg
  • USB Cable 1.5 M
  • DVI Cable 1.5 M

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