Novastar MCTRL R5 Video Controller


Novastar MCTRL R5 is independent controller that supports rotation function. With up to 3840×1080@60Hz loading capacity of a single unit, it can support any custom resolution within this range as required, thus meeting the on-site configuration requirements of extra-long or extra-large LED displays. Working with the A8s or A10s, the MCTRL R5 supports free screen configuration on SmartLCT, presenting full rotation of the display screen at any angle, adding diversity to images, and bringing different visual experience to users. The MCTRL R5 is mainly applied to concert control centers, live events, security monitoring, Olympic Games and various sports centers.

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General Details


Novastar MCTRL R5 is LED Video Controller. It has the following characteristics:

1: Provides complete input connectors, including 1 ×6G-SDI, 1 ×dual-link DVI and 1 ×HDMI 1.4.
2: Supports 8 ×Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 ×fiber optical outputs.
3: Supports rotation of LED screens at any angle.
4: Adopts innovative architectural design to enable smart configuration, which can greatly shorten the stage preparation time.
5: Adopts NovaStar G4 engine to realize a perfect image display with no flickering and scanning lines, but fine quality and good sense of depth.
6: Supports NovaStar’s latest pixel level calibration technology with a fast and efficient process.
7: Implements white balance calibration and color gamut mapping to ensure colors are faithfully reproduced.
8: Supports screen configuration at any time without a PC.
9: Supports easy and quick manual adjustment of screen brightness.
10: Supports hardware upgrade via USB on the front panel.
11: Supports cascading multiple controllers for uniform control.


Product Specification

  • Input Voltage AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power Consumption 25 W
  • Operating Temperature -20°C–60°C
  • Operating Humidity 10% RH–90% RH
  • Dimensions 482.6 mm ×334.6 mm ×52.0 mm
  • Weight 4.3 kg
  • Certifications
     FCC
     RoHS
     UL&CUL
     EMC
     LVD
     CB
     IC
  • Packing Each MCTRL R5 unit is equipped with a suitcase, an accessory box and a large carton
  • Packing dimensions:
    Suitcase: 550 mm ×400 mm ×175 mm, white cardboard
    box printed with NOVASTAR, one unit in a suitcase.
    Accessory box: 405 mm ×290 mm ×48 mm, white
    cardboard box printed with Accessory Box.
  • Accessories include 1 ×power cord, 1 ×Ethernet cable, 1 ×USB cable, 1 ×HDMI cable and 1 ×DP cable.
  • Carton: 550 mm ×400 mm ×175 mm, craft paper box printed with NOVASTAR.
  • Packing rules: Product and accessory box (containing related cables) packed in the suitcase and the suitcase packed in the large carton.

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