Novastar Receiving Card MRV328

The MRV328 is a new receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single MRV328 loads up to 256x256 pixels.The MRV328 supports pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, which effectively removes color difference, greatly improves display consistency of LED images, and presents finer displays to users.

General Details

Features Description
Supporting pixel level
brightness and chroma
Brightness and chroma calibration on NovaLCT for
each pixel could remove color difference
effectively, make the brightness and chroma of the
whole screen highly consistent, and improve the
display effect.
Supporting setting of
images pre-stored in the
receiving card
On NovaLCT, the specified images could be set as
the screen startup image and images used when
the Ethernet cable is disconnected or no video
source signal is available.
Supporting status detection
of temperature, voltage,
Ethernet cable
communication and video
source signals
On NovaLCT, the status of receiving card’s
temperature, voltage, Ethernet cable
communication and video source signals can be
Supporting LCD module
Supports NovaStar’s general 5-pin LCD module.
The LCD module is connected to the HUB board to
display temperature, voltage, single operating time
and total operating time of the receiving card.
Supporting readback of
configuration file
On NovaLCT, the configuration information stored
in the receiving card can be read back.
Supporting readback of
firmware version
On NovaLCT, the firmware versions of the
receiving card can be read back


Product Specification

  • Input voltage DC 3.3 V–5.0 V
  • Rated current 0.5 A
  • Rated power consumption 2.5 W
  • Operating temperature -20°C–70°C
  • Storage temperature -25°C–125°C
  • Operating humidity 10% RH–90% RH
  • Dimensions 144.0 mm x 91.5 mm x 16.0 mm
  • Net weight 85.5 g
  • Certifications RoHS
  • Packing An antistatic bag and anti-collision foam are prepared for
    each receiving card.
  • Dimensions of the packing box: 650.0 mm x 500.0 mm x
    200.0 mm, 100 receiving cards in each box.

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