MESH Screen (SMD)

General Details
structure and installation

Mesh Screen (DIP)

Indoor Transparent LED Screen

ultra light led display

Ultra Light & Slim

1. Super light and slim: 75% lighter than traditional Cabinet. Also 7cm thickness is 60% less than traditional screen’s 15cm.

Curtain Intelligent Screen

Grille LED Transparent Screen, Wind Insulation

mesh screen view
mesh screen installation

Quick & Easy Installations

Quick & Easy Installation in 10 seconds, Then the traditional indoor LED screen speed up to 60 times, Speedy maintenance, Patented structure design, 3 minutes / ㎡Single easy to achieve fast before / after the dimension.

Superconducting materials, thermal performance increased by 80%, The overall irrigation process design, military-grade IP65 full protection, Extreme weather conditions -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ stable work, Only one connector in a box, connection failure rate reduced by 90%, High permeability windproof design, wind resistance level 12, effectively prevent the natural disaster caused by a significant loss.

water testing for Mesh Screen

Perfect Seamless connection.

Every cabinet manufactured by high precision casting magnesium alloy also first-class CNC machines to guarantee the high flatness and seamless during assembly.

mesh led display

SMD Mesh Screen Specification


Product ModelMO7.8125-15.6225MO15.625-31.15.6255MO8.33-12.55
Pixel CompositionSMD2727
Pixel Density (dot/m)819240969600
Horizontal (dots/m)646480
vertical (dots/m)12864120
Horizontal Pixel Pitch15.62515.62512.5
Vertical Pixel Pitch7.812515.6258.33
Pixel Size(mm)500(W) x 1000(H)
Panel Pixels Quantity (dots)409620484800
Panel Resolution (dots)32(W) x 128(H)32(W) x 64(H)40(W) x 120(H)
Color Grayscale (bit)14-16
Brightness (nits)≥7500cd≥6000cdd≥6000cd
Contrast Ratio1 : 1600
Color Temperature6500-9300
Brightness Control Level256
Horizontal Viewing Angle(°)≥110°
Vertical Viewing Angle(°)Horizontal Viewing Angle(°)≥110°
Best Viewing Distance(m)10-20015-30010-300
Max Power consumption (W/m2)450350600
Average Power Consumption(W/m2)135105180
Panel Weight (kgs)878
Weight (kg/m2)161416
Unit Thickness (cm)6
Installation Thickness(cm)13.0
Strips StructureSingle Strip Vertical
Strips Width7.67.619.7 (Dual Strips)
Strips Material6061 Stretch Aluminum
Transparency Rate(%)50%40%50%/td>
Driving DeviceMBI 16 bit serial
Refresh Rate (HZ)≥2000
Frame Rate (HZ)60
Pixel Uncontrol Rate<1/10000
Pixel Intensity HomogeneityDeviation of the whole screen inhomogeneity, R GB <5%
Data InterfaceDVI/HDMI
Drive ModeConstant Current, Static(1/1scan)
Display Mode1920*1080
Power Supply VoltageAC 85-250V 50/60Hz
Lifespan≥100000 hours
PCooling ModeStructure-enhanced, Natural Convection
IP Rating (Front & Rear)Both Sides IP67/td>
Operating Temperature (°C)‘-40 ~ +85°C
Storage Tempterature (°C)‘-55 ~ +120°C
Operating Humidity (RH)10–90%RH
Wind Resistance12 Degree
The Scope of Work0-500m
Cabinet MaterialsEnvironmental Protection Alloy
Frame Materials2.0mm Cold-Rolled Galvanized Steel Sheet
Control SystemDisplay Unit Internation
Device ClassAll Solid-State Wide Temperature Industrial Grade
Installation TypeTool-Free Quick Installation
Installation Speed5s/unit, Rapid Remove
Fire ResistanceFull V0 Flame Retardant
Maintain Speed10s/Unit
Maintenance ModeFront Side and Black Side

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