C1 Event Controller


C1, a console specially designed for NovaStar’s terminal video processing products, such as J series, is mainly used for live stage control. The C1 is designed with two LCD screens. One is used for previewing input sources. The other, together with buttons on the panel, is used to configure the layer size, layer position, input source, output resolution, layer border and input source cropping under each preset. The C1 is also designed with a joystick and T-Bar. The joystick is used to precisely adjust the size and position of layers. The T-Bar supports adjustment of 1024 levels of layer transparency, finely controlling the transition effects of presets and PVW, PGM for switching.

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General Details

Product Features

  • Support two LCD screens, one for monitoring, and the other touch screen for operating. During operating, users can view on one of the LCD screens the input source status, preview status and status of output on LED display, so that the overall situation is under control.
  • Supports control of NovaStar video splicing processors.
  • Supports screen mosaic, easy mosaic, output image quality adjustment, BKG settings, EDID settings, test patterns, and switching from normal display to blackout with one button press.
  • Supports up to 32 presets.
  • Supports preset copying, use of preset templates, preset customizing, saving of custom presets, preset data cleanup, lockup of preset area on C1 operation panel.
  • Supports up to 8 × layers, and 1 × BKG.
  • Supports configurations of shape layers and layer mask.
  • Supports layer adding with one button press, layer cleanup with one button press, and moving a layer to the front or back with one button press.
  • Supports layer editing, layer image quality adjustment, layer border settings, and layer freezing.
  • Supports settings of the layer size and position through the joystick and buttons.
  • Supports Aux configuration.
  • Supports input source cropping.
  • Supports 13 layer transition effects and settings of transition duration.
  • Supports adjustment of the joystick’s sensitivity.
  • Supports manual adjustment of the fade transition effect of layers by using the T-Bar.
  • Supports remote or live control of terminal video processors through RJ45.

Product Specification

  • Port and button description

Connector Qty. Specification
ETHERNET(RJ45) 1 A port to remotely control the terminal through network
USB 1 Used to update program, or connect to the upper computer
U-DISK 1 Connects to a USB drive to import USB files.
MONITOR 1  IN: An HDMI preview connector that connects to the HDMI preview
connector of a terminal
 LOOP: An HDMI loop output connector which can display the preview
display of a terminal on other display devices.
RS232 1 A control connector that connects to the upper computer
Reset button 1 A pinhole reset button used to reset and restart the C1
  • Overall specifications

AC 100~240V,50/60Hz
Dimensions  740.11mm × 563.84mm × 190.42mm
Net weight  14 kg
Total weight  42 kg
Accessory box Accessories: 4×power cords,1×USB cable,1×USB disk,1×safety
guide,1×Quick Start guide,1×Custom letter,1×Packing list,2×
Goose neck lights
Flight case 815mm × 270mm × 622mm
Certifications CE、ROHS、FCC、IC
Noise level (typical at 25℃/77℉) 38dB(A)

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