How we deal with this Outdoor LED project

Arabiska Restaurant – Palm Jumeirah

I receive the inquiry from our website, the same day I send my proposal to the customer and request a site visit. The day I visited the site I met Mr. Ahmed, the person who is in-charged and managing the work on the site. We discussed and check all the necessary things needed for the installation of the screen. The next day, I received the P.O and I was so happy that they select our company to do this project.

They select the P2.5 Indoor screen, it was 2pcs screen to be installed in one restaurant in Palm Jumeirah. We do our normal modular installation, which we fabricated the steel structure according to size requirement and attached the module with a magnet. Everything goes smoothly during the installation of the first screen, but there’s a bit problem with the area where to install the second screen. The actual dimension of the area is not fit for the size of the screen that we supposed to install. The client was so quick and modified the area according to the size what we require. Finally, the installation was done at the expected time.

Having good communication with the client is the most important thing to have a very good workflow. We must understand what is our client requirements, in order to deliver the best result.

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