8 Reasons You Need to Consider an LED Video Wall

Talk of smart TVs dominates the TV market these days. According to market projections, the smart TV market is expected to be worth a huge $278 billion by 2024. Yet smart TVs aren’t the best way to promote your business and draw visitors in.

Due to their size and price, the number of these that a business can have is somewhat limited. Instead, the best way to draw customers in is by creating an LED video wall with LED screens.

Yet this might seem a little ostentatious. Surely only huge businesses and conventions can afford to erect LED video walls, right? That’s no longer the case, with the technology now cheaper than ever!

Do you want to learn more about why you need an LED screen wall for your business? Then keep reading!

1. An LED Video Wall Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

No matter what sector your business is in, you can use an LED video wall to attract customers. We offer outdoor LED billboard solutions that you could rig together if you so desired.

These offer superb colors even in the brightest sunlight and come with a high refresh rate. What’s more, these screens are energy-saving too so you won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.

Wherever you are in the middle east or Africa, these screens are a viable solution for drawing foot traffic into your business.

2. LED Video Walls Have Huge Resolutions

A 4K TV set offers a good resolution. Yet if you’re in pursuit of the crispest picture imaginable, an LED video wall is the ideal solution.

Every screen that you add to the video wall increases its total resolution. This means that resolutions far better than any single TV can offer are within your grasp.

An LED video wall is also much more scalable than a projector, which is its only rival in terms of image size. When you increase the size of a projection, image quality suffers. If you increase the size of your video wall, image quality only improves.

3. High Framerates and No Stuttering Thanks to External Processors

Images on individual TVs are maintained by their built-in chips. Yet these suffer with bigger images. With an LED screen wall, all of this processing is handled by an external controller.

For example, the Novastar TB6 multimedia player has a huge pixel loading capacity thanks to its quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. It also synchronizes the image across all your screens, so that the image stays crisp and fluid.

It has support for both Wi-Fi and 4G and also has a backup system. With an LED video wall, you never have to worry about your screens losing their images.

4. LED Walls Can Be Used For Anything

An LED wall can be used by almost any business, organization, or building to attract visitor’s attention. You can showcase your company’s products, talk about your achievements, show off your services, display examples of your work, show news, show sporting events, graphs, prices, maps, anything else that you can think of!

This means that pretty much everyone could use an LED video wall. Stores, cafes, mosques, churches, bars, garages, gas stations, hotels, and more! If you want a fantastic, modern solution for signage or to draw customers into your store, an LED video wall is your solution.

5. Low Maintenance

One of the best parts of an LED video wall is that they require very little maintenance. There aren’t any moving parts and no parts that are consumed upon use. This means that they only need to be repaired if something goes wrong.

Even consumer-grade LED screens have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours. This means that your LED screen wall will last a very long time. If it were on for six hours a day, it would last 45 years. That’s an excellent value!

6. Content is Easy to Manipulate On An LED Video Wall

Depending on which controller you use, you can manipulate content across the video wall with ease. You can play different content on different sections of the screen, for example.

You can drag video content across the width and height of the video wall, zoom in on content, crop it, and layer it. You may even be able to have the controller make presentations for you, taking some of the work out of your hands.

What this means for you is that LED video walls can do wonderful things for your content, making it even better than it already is.

7. Easy to Install

The installation of video walls is an absolute breeze. Video walls are made up of multiple screens that are mounted on a panel. When you know how big you want your video wall to be, it’s just a matter of buying or renting the panels and having them fitted.

There are a few factors to consider when looking to install a video wall. These include:

  • Viewing distance
  • Desired size
  • Desired resolution
  • Location of the wall

When you’ve got all this information to hand, it’s just a matter of getting in touch with us!

8. Incredible Reliability

When you buy screens for an LED video wall, you’re not buying consumer-grade tech. Instead, you’re buying screens that are able to reliably put out a picture, no matter what the conditions.

These screens can withstand high humidity, high and low temperatures, and some can even be run for 24 hours a day without any ill effects. No matter where you are, these screens will serve you well.

Get an LED Video Wall Today

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For a quote or if you’d like us to answer any questions, please get in touch with us! We will be very happy to help you out.

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