Why is the LED display screen indispensable for the creation of a smart campus? Powerful LED screen.

Nowadays, human society is accelerating into the era of intelligence. The digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries is advancing by leaps and bounds. New learning methods such as smart education and distance education have become the new normal. The importance of LED display as a smart education display device has never been so prominent. With its graphic propaganda methods and flexible and diverse display methods, it adds assistance to the construction of modern smart campuses and has become a trend and trend of smart campuses.


Facilitate classroom teaching in smart campuses

Don’t think that the classrooms of primary and secondary schools are still the traditional blackboard chalk teaching or projection in our impression. Many schools, especially prestigious schools, have long been at the forefront of smart classroom teaching, replacing them with black-tech smart touch screen blackboards for interactive teaching! Look! The latest “intelligent control education” end-to-end solution: Smart classrooms can be easily created from the intelligent control conference screen + intelligent control box + LED display screen, small screens, and large screens, with arbitrary switching of windows and simple editing of content Powerful and flexible functions, such as easy image annotation, and convenient operation; while the large LED video wall is stable, the brightness can be adjusted by itself, the picture is high-definition without seams, and the knowledge content can be demonstrated through graphics, video, etc., to increase the interest of teaching At the same time, teaching efficiency and quality have also been greatly improved.


Contribute to the promotion of smart campus information 

Don’t think that the current school publicity is still relying on hanging banners or big-character posters. Many schools, especially prestigious schools, have already bid farewell to the immutable banner slogans, and used a beautiful and eye-catching large LED display to carry out a lively, colorful and dynamic broadcast! Butterflyled LED screen display has high brightness and colorful colors. At the same time, the display content is rich and diverse, and it is durable…Perfectly display all kinds of information, promote the school culture, reflect the school’s spiritual outlook and teaching strength, at the school gate, teaching building, publicity column, Playground, etc. have its beautiful figure.


Contribute to the creation of a smart campus cultural life

Don’t think that current school cultural activities can only reflect the theme of the activity through banners, inkjet cloth, etc. Many schools, especially famous schools, have already used large LED display screens to flexibly change various beautiful theme scenes, high-definition and beautiful, high-end and magnificent! Look! Through the use of powerful giant color LED large screens, in auditoriums, cultural activity centers and other places, images, videos, and other materials can be used to change the stage environment scene at any time, making cultural and entertainment activities richer and more interesting, and creating a better stage; in the playground; Stadiums and other places can not only display game scores and other information in real-time but also broadcast exciting events, close-ups, etc., to ignite the passion of the stadium…enrich students’ recreational life and enhance modern quality education!

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