Led conference screen: Turn your projector to Led screen display.

Are you still using a projector in the conference room? Turn your projector into LED display screen! 

Meetings are an indispensable part of daily work. With the advancement of science and technology, people’s requirements for conference display products are constantly increasing. Traditional projectors are gradually unable to meet people’s needs and LED displays, as high-end conference display terminals, are more and more widely used with mature solutions, excellent product performance, and comfortable conference experience, and are blooming in all walks of life. Haven’t the screens changed in your meeting room? Then it’s OUT!

As a world-renowned manufacturer of LED display screens, powerful giant color LED conference screens are favored by users from all walks of life, so why do people prefer powerful giant color LED conference screen?

The screen size is arbitrarily large, seamless splicing

Led screen



Led display screen can realize seamless splicing pictures of any size. According to the requirements of meeting rooms of different specifications, large-size screens of 2K, 4K, 8K… can be spliced ​​arbitrarily. No matter how big the meeting room is, a large LED screen display can be created to match it. The application of projectors in large conference halls requires projection fusion technology, which will affect the overall display effect.



1. High brightness. The display is not affected by the ambient brightness

Compared with the traditional projection “small black room” meeting environment, the powerful giant color meeting display supports “open the skylight to speak brightly”, and the brightness can be adjusted from 200-7000nit. The display brightness can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness. No need to close the window, let you bid farewell to the projection, bid farewell to the “little black house”, and easily create a bright, open, and efficient meeting environment.

2. High contrast. Realistic color reproduction.

The contrast and color saturation of the LED display is much higher than that of the projector, which restores more realistic colors without the whitening effect that projectors often have. The display screen is more realistic and delicate, and the colors are more vivid and saturated. Q Pro and S series products are equipped with PWM-SS dual energy-saving ICs to achieve a high-definition led display with a refresh rate of ≥3840Hz, and the camera does not flicker, and words do not shake.

3. Ultra-wide viewing angle. Details of large-scale meetings can also be seen at a glance.

The powerful indoor full-color LED screen has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 140°-160° horizontally, and any position is a C-position viewing angle. Even if a hundred-person meeting has every place at a glance, it can better meet the environment of large conference rooms and step-type meetings. Room environment needs. However, the projection equipment only has the best viewing angle of 45 degrees, and the gap comes out as soon as the comparison is made!

4. Long Life-Span. Achieve more exciting

The powerful giant color LED display has a long life of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to the sum of the life of 33.3 projectors (the typical life of a projector is only 3000 hours), breaking the time limit and achieving more exciting achievements.


Led Conference Screen is more flexible and efficient

Any terminal can be directly connected to the large LED display through the corresponding line (network, HDMI cable, wireless network, etc.) to realize the simultaneous interconnection of small screens and large screens, support wireless projection, and split led display screen, and release more flexibility and operability.

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