LED Floor Screen UAE

Highly Stable
Anti Slippery
Smart Sensing

Smart Sensing

Superload Bearing

Superload Bearing


Anti Slippery

IP65 (Weather Proof)

IP65 (Weather proof)

Wide Range of Application

Interactive LED floor screen display system use for the concert stage, exhibition stands, night clubs, television studios as well as for shooting and commercials.

Easy to service

The magnetic fixed module design, which greatly decreases service time and improves works efficiency. LED floor screen module can be easily replaced.

Design Solution

An interactive floor screen can create admirable interior by colleagues and clients. LED floor screen remains attractive even when switched off.

Type of Cover according to Choice

Cover for modules can be in the three versions: black transparent, scattering black, white transparent scattering.


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Interactive LED Floor Screen UAE
Interactive LED Floor Screen UAE

Interactive LED Floor Screen

Interactive floor screen effect (multi-point touch) – no delay in interactive effect, enables GOF series to deliver strong visual impact, providing the audience a truly amazing and unforgettable experience and greatly improving their engagement.

Response time- with the built-in interactive system and 16 touchpoints in each module, response time is reduced to less than 0.01s.

Highly stable – XYG ensures stable performance even for long-time use, long lifespan. Stable signal and power supply, ensure safe use. Besides, with front and rear are waterproof design, use requirements in different applications can be satisfied.

Super strong load-bearing performance- features with the point-to-face contract and support technology and as well as the load capacity.

Easy to service with the magnetically fixed module design, which greatly decreases service can be easily replaced within 3 seconds.

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