How we get this Etihad project

Etihad Airways Project

As our main purpose always is to gain customer trust and fulfill the maximum customer needs.

We’ve successfully completed the third screen in Etihad Airways headquarters In February 2020.

The screen is Indoor P4 Pixel Pitch and the size is 7.68 m x 4.64 m.

We’ve faced two big challenges here the first one was that the screen structure and supporting frame shouldn’t be more than 2m x 2m so we’ve fabricated the structure into many pcs and we installed one by one onsite to be able to follow site security and safety rules.

The second challenge was that the installation of everything should be done in 2 nights only and the working time is 12 am to 6 am only and our team successfully finished all the required work in these two nights.

Now the client is very happy with what we’ve done and waited for some Police approval to install the fourth screen.

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