How to Choose a Screen

How to Choose a Screen

Due to the continuously improving demand of modern digital display,  Led display screen (also called Led video wall) is widely used on various occasion, How to choose a suitable led screen is always a headache for our clients, because they are a large number of collection in the market. hence we conclude few method to help our clients to find the suitable screen according to their requirement based on the feature of each type of led screens.

These features that decide which screen to use including the following: installation place, Ambient brightness, content to display, capacity of content, Viewing distance, Display proportion, below we will have a discussion for some of the point,

A, Base on installation place

Led screen mainly used for advertising, broadcasting, we need to consider the place to install the led screen, based on the place, we can divide the screen to indoor, outdoor, semi-outdoor.

1), Indoor single and dual screen, these kind of screen installed at indoor places, such as service counter at banks, postal offices,and government offices ,we can use products like model F3.75  and F5.0 indoor single and dual color screens.

2), Indoor full color screen, these kind of screen also installed at indoor places, such as shopping center, cinema, showroom, in order to play all kind of advertising video and photos, we can use indoor Q2.5IS, Q3IS , Q4IS etc


3),outdoor full color screen, these kind of screen used at outdoor places, it consist of high brightness, high IP(ingress protection) grade, high display performance, which makes it the prior choice for outdoor display, mainly used at outside of shopping center, stadiums, commercial buildings, such as our outdoor Q5OS, Q6OS, Q8OS


Ambient brightness

Based on the places of usage, different brightness should be chooses. CD is a numeric unit to metric 

Indoor: ≥600CD 

Under the Eave: ≥3000CD 

Outdoor(face the sun in morning):≥5000CD 

Outdoor(face the sun in afternoon): ≥ 6000CD 

C, Resolution according to Display content

The purpose of installing the screen will decide to choice the resolution.

1), text display, depends on the size of text to decide the resolution.

2),Basic video : ≥320*240

3), Standard Dvd Video: ≥ 640*480

4), Complete Pc monitor: ≥800*600,HD 1080*720,2K, 1920*1080, 4K, 3840*1920

D, Display content and Viewing distance

What Display content should be consider before select the screen, the single page content is limit even though the total content is unlimited.

Viewing distance also should be considered, if the audience are looking at a close distance, we should choose a small pitch screen, if the audience look at a far distance, we can choose a bigger size, but bigger pitch screen.

Led screen viewing distance calculation formula as below:

1、Minimun viewing distance to see fluent photo(Meter) : pitch(mm) ×1

2、Farest viewing distance(meter): screen height(m) ×30

For example , a customer bought a Q10 screen: width is 9.6m, height is 5.76m, please tell the minimum viewing distance, best viewing distance, and farest viewing distance.

Since we know the pixel pitch is 10mm, so,

The minimum viewing distance is : 10*1=10m

The best viewing distance is : 10*3=30m

The farest viewing distance is : 5.76*3=172.8m

E, Led display proportion calculation

In order to reach the best display performance, normally we use width:height proportion of 4:3, or 16:9, or nearest proportion.

For example a customer has a 70sqm screen, and he want to install it according to 16:9 proportion , there is a formula to calculate:

= =11.2m,

Height= sqm÷width, so 70÷11.2=6.25m

The above content is our many years experience in led screen field , today, I am sharing with you, so that you can help your customer to select the best led screen for customer,



Last updated: 12-03-2020


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