Go Modern: LED Video Walls Are Making Projectors a Thing of the Past

led video wallDo you have discerning taste when it comes to your audiovisual entertainment experience? If so, you don’t want to miss out on the latest cutting-edge home theater technology – the LED video wall.

The LED video wall will provide you with an unparalleled viewing experience. The colors of the cinema innovation are lively and stunning.

Unlike a wall projector, you can use an LED video wall in direct sunlight. Also, it has a lifecycle of 500,000 to 200,000 hours, whereas projector bulbs may last 2,000 to 5,000 hours.

Read on to learn about the phenomenal capabilities of LED video screens.

Enjoy a Next Level Viewing Experience With an LED Video Wall

You can measure the quality of a projector display in pixel count. However, you measure video display quality for an LED video wall with pixel pitch.

The smaller the picture pitch, the better the image quality. You would measure picture pitch in millimeters from the center of one pixel to the center of the next adjoining pixel.

A smaller pixel pitch means that the manufacturer packed a higher number of LEDs into each square inch. By doing so, LED tile manufacturers create brilliant images that look completely seamless, even when observing up close. You can purchase an LED video display in pixel pitches that range from 1 mm to 10 mm.

LED tiles come in several pixel pitches and dimensions. If you view your LED video display from a distance of approximately 12 feet, you’ll want to go with the smallest pixel pitch possible.

LED screen panels have quickly become the new standard for outdoor displays. Because they have a bright image and are easy to use, they’re a highly attractive option for residential and commercial settings.

Today, more people and businesses choose LED video walls compared to projection displays. Because they are becoming more popular, the cost of an LED wall display is dropping.

Get Ready for Cinematic Brilliance

It is the brilliance of LED screens that compel buyers to choose them over projectors. You measure the brightness of projectors in lux.

Alternatively, you measure the brightness of LED walls in NIT. One unit of NIT is much brighter than one unit of lux.

LED displays sustain their vibrancy over time. However, this is not the case with projectors. Depending on where you install your LED wall, you may not even need to operate it at full brightness.

Increasingly, HD video is becoming the standard for visual media. LED displays are suited to support HD visuals.

Also, LED displays are much easier to set up compared to projectors. Additionally, they power up much quicker.

Ongoing maintenance is easier with an LED video display compared to a projector. Typically, LED video tile maintenance is a matter of keeping up with software updates.

With a projector, you’ll most likely have to send it out for repairs if there’s a problem. LED video tiles eliminate uncertainty and downtime.

Tips for Purchasing a Home Video Wall 

There are some facts that you should know about choosing an LED video screen.

Manufacturers make LED video panels in batches. Make sure that your LED tiles come from the same batch. By doing so, you’ll ensure color continuity and accuracy from tile to tile.

Color reproduction and consistency can vary from batch to batch due to the way that companies manufacture LED video tiles. When making tiles, for example, they may use various phosphor coatings.

LED video tile image does degrade slightly over time. To retain image consistency, it’s important that all tiles degrade at the same rate.

Some video wall installers will give you a complimentary tile. However, if you ever need to use it, you may notice a difference in color because of this characteristic.

This difference occurs because the replacement tile still works as if it were brand-new. Meanwhile, the video tiles that were in service have degraded over time. Still, this is a relatively minor issue.

You also want to think about the quality of your video tiles. Some manufacturers of lower quality video tiles do not include adequate shielding in their products.

The lack of shielding can result in audio problems, depending on how you use your video wall. Accordingly, you want to make sure that you purchase high quality LED video tiles.

Why Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Old Projector?

Projectors emit an image that reflects light into the viewer’s eyes. The image quality of projectors can diminish up to 30% after a single year.

Also, projectors cannot emit the same level of contrast as LED tiles. Therefore, projectors are not as capable of displaying saturated colors.

Furthermore, ambient lighting makes projected images difficult to view. For instance, wall projection images look diluted in natural light.

Conversely, natural light does not affect LED video tiles. Resultantly, LED video walls are the best choice for outdoor venues, such as concerts and commercial displays.

LED Video Tiles Will Only Get Better

LED wall panels are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, technology is emerging that will enable you to make the most of the high contrast and vibrant displays of LED tiles. The technology will continue to improve as programmers develop enhanced updates.

As this occurs, the cost of LED wall tiles will continue to fall. Because LED video tiles are easy to use and visually pleasing, they’re a solid investment for discerning viewers.

Butterfly LED has served as a leading producer and supplier of LED video displays and signage in Dubai for nearly a decade. Allow our expert technicians to answer any questions you may have about enhancing your viewing experience with an LED video wall display.

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