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 Flexible led screen widely used in many kinds of indoor environments like Office, Malls, chain stores, School, Government facility, airport.

Strict quality control and long-term application experience verified the stability and excellent performance by using Epistar LED, and MBI5124 Driving IC for high refresh rate and performance. Constant current chip driving IC MBI514 to reduces the power consumption and prompts the stability, Simple modular design for easy maintenance. In addition flexible LED screen has the high definition effect comes with color uniformity and soft color is suitable for indoor close range viewing.

flexible led wall


Front Maintenance

Customize Sizes

flexible led wall

Front Maintenance

Wide View Angle

Wide View Angle

Flexible led screen display

Flexible led screen wall is a great choice when you need to reach a wide audience from a focal point. We can help you achieve this by custom-making one to your preferred size and design. It would comprise several standard-sized flexible LED screen mounted together to form a seamless giant curved LED display.

Our Flexible led screen display are lightweight and display dynamic images in true Viewpointec style. They can be mounted on their own or supported by a custom frame. Further, all the flexible screens that make up the giant curved advertising screen have internal thermal management. This makes the giant advertising screen more durable as the LEDs would not overheat even with long durations of use.

Flexible led screen display

Flexible Led screen Display

Front Maintenance,  Super light, Magnetic easy install saving your time, money and labor during your transport, carry and storage,


Flexible Led screen has a magnet connection, easy to assemble and disassemble, it is front service maintenance.  No metal frame, strong deducting the screen weight we can design any shape of structure as you need. Widely applied in shaped stage background/exhibition/shopping mall etc. Butterfly LED is the best digital LED screen manufacturer, installer, and supplier in the UAE region.

Perfect seamless modules connections and smooth curved led display.

Flexible led screen wall is designed for any kind of shape, effects, in any type, arc in any angles. Module with small-unit and flexible design makes the possibility of more complicated shapes for the video show.

Flexible LED Screen Display Product Feature

  • Thin and flexible
  • Moules with magnet design that can be assembled and also disassembled independently.
  • High gray scale, high refresh rate, and high contrast.
  • Customized product.
  • The flexible led screen can be installed on any curve surface and is suitable for artistic modeling.
  • suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, and other curved displays.

LED screen display are designed in such a way that they offer the best images and videos. The quality featured on these displays allows you to let your creativity shine through. You get to easily work on designs that are aligned with your business and the products or services you offer.

These displays provide the perfect platform for you to showcase the designs and let others into your business. Given that you can easily customize the pixel pitch and brightness on these displays, creating great designs is quite easy. They give you great flexibility and allow you to experiment with different designs to see what works for you.

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