Flexible LED Screen UAE

Flexible LED Screen UAE: Flexible module


Flexible Module

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Make everything possibility : Flexible LED Display

flexibile led display


Flexible led screen is easy to install with flex curve. It is also front maintenance with high contrast which is good for wide viewing or any angle. Butterfly LED provides the best curved LED screens in the UAE.

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 Flexible led screen widely used in many kinds of indoor environments like Office, Malls, chain stores, School, Government facility, airport.

Strict quality control and long-term application experience verified the stability and excellent performance by using Epistar LED, and MBI5124 Driving IC for high refresh rate and performance. Constant current chip driving IC MBI514 to reduces the power consumption and prompts the stability, Simple modular design for easy maintenance. In addition flexible LED screen has the high definition effect comes with color uniformity and soft color is suitable for indoor close range viewing.

Flexible LED Screen UAE
Flexible LED Screen UAE

Flexible Modules outer curve 360° inner curve 180°

Curves Inner & Outer side

Assembling screen with soft led modules directly, saving time and effort easy operation. Orderly, lightweight, small size, and safe 5V low voltage power supply system all make the module more attractive. Constant current chip driving IC MBI514 to reduces the power consumption and prompts the stability, Simple modular design for easy maintenance.

In addition, Flexible LED screen modules are made with Soft Mask to achieve the best color uniformity and Grey grade and also protect the LEDs. Magnet connection, easy to assemble & disassemble, it is frontal service maintenance.

Perfect seamless modules connections and smooth curved led display.

Flexible led screen is designed for any kind shapes, effects, in any type, arc in any angles. Module with small-unit and flexible design makes the possibility of more complicated shapes for the video show.

Flexible LED Screen Display Product Feature

  • Thin and flexible
  • Moules with magnet design that can be assembled and also disassembled independently.
  • High grayscale, high refresh rate, and high contrast.
  • Customized product.
  • The flexible led display can be installed in any curve surface and suitable for artistic modeling.
  • suitable for stage background, exhibition hall, and other curved display.
curved flex led display in oman
Flexible LED Screen UAE

Front Maintenance,  Super light, Magnetic easy install saving your time, money and labor during your transport, carry and storage,


Flexible LED module has a magnet connection, easy to assemble and dis-assemble, it is front service maintenance.  No metal frame, strong deducting the screen weight we can design any shape of structure as you need. Widely applied in shaped stage background/exhibition/shopping mall etc. Butterfly LED is the best digital LED screen manufacturer, installer and supplier in the UAE region.

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